Collection: Our Photographers Collection

The collective is composed of freelance photographers from across the country and from a wide variety of occupational training backgrounds including biology, education, journalism, social work and business. We firmly believe that networking as a team and combining our strengths and experience dramatically furthers our ability to shed light on pressing conservation issues and to reach, inform and engage a much wider audience. 


This collection features: 


Justin Taus is a freelance multimedia journalist that is based in Quebec and who has been focusing his work on science and conservation-related issues at home and abroad since 2014. He holds degrees in Journalism and in Education, both from Concordia University in Montreal.


Zach Baranowski is an accomplished freelance photographer and journalist from the Greater Toronto Area. He is actively working to better the connection between humans and the natural world in the hopes of stimulating positive change. He does so by promoting curiosity, exploration, education, and wonder with his work. From a young age Zach has always had an interest in nature, particularly in freshwater ecosystems, oceans, and forest environments.


Donna Feledichuk - An educator by profession and a photographer by choice, Donna has been taking photos for over 30 years. She loves the solitude, tranquility, and beauty of being immersed in the great outdoors. Nature has always been her classroom, every day she walks outside, she learns something, a new call, a new behaviour, a new interaction, and sees a whole new world. A world that gives hope, a world where the stresses of daily life have little meaning and fall away, a world where time seems to have little meaning, and yet at other times means everything, a world she has felt compelled to share through photos. Most of her work is from Alberta and in particular where she lives in Lac La Biche.


Mark Williams - His work as a captain and wildlife guide takes him to some incredible places, not just on Vancouver Island but all over the world, including Antarctica and the Canadian High Arctic. As an avid conservationist, he shares his passion and knowledge for the ocean with his local and global community, inspiring others to love and protect it. Through sharing the images from his expeditions, Mark learnt that photography can be a powerful tool. He shares his photos to inspire and educate his audience and encourage social change around how humans engage with the natural world.